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To keep our customers and staff safe we have decided to continue with our COVID-19 working procedures.


Before, during and after the appointment can you please assist me with ensuring we all keep a 2 Metres distance as a minimum. I have also taken further measures for the customer and sweep to carry out which will reduce any risk to the customer and sweep, these are as follows:

Before your sweep arrives

Customer – If possible, vent (open a window) the room where the sweep will be working. Keep this open until the sweep has left your property.
Customer – Empty your appliance (ash and unburnt fuel) and remove any items from around your appliance and hearth.
Customer – Please remove any items (furniture) that are in front of your appliance. Your sweep needs 1.5m x 1.5m (in front of your appliance) to work.
Customer – Please ensure that a plug socket is not obstructed to allow free and easy access or an extension lead is plugged in and switched on and visible to the sweep.
Customer – Please disinfect any door handles, including your appliance handles your sweep will have to open during his visit or leave these doors open to gain free access in and out the room.

Sweep arrives at your property

Customer – Secure any pets so they cannot meet your sweep.
Sweep – From arrival to departure your sweep will be wearing a mask and a new pair of gloves.
Customer – Direct the sweep to the room where the appliance is and then let the sweep carry out his duties.
Sweep – Once the sweep has completed his work, he will disinfect any items that he has touched.
Sweep – A certified certificate will be issued by email.  There is no signature required on the electronic certificate.

Methods of Payment

CASH Preferred, Please leave cash in a sealed envelope in front or on top of the appliance. This will allow us to leave the cash for a suitable period. Please write your name and postcode and amount paid on the front of the envelope.
GOOGLE PAY, accepted as no contact (tapping your device on the card reader) is required.
APPLE PAY, accepted as no contact (tapping your device on the card reader) is required.
CARD PAYMENTS, contactless card payments now have a limit of £100.  PIN number will be required for amounts over £100.00.  The card reader will be cleaned after each use.

Any payment not made on the same date as the sweep will be charged a £10.00 Late Payment Fee

After the sweep has departed – Please let the room to vent after your sweep has left your property for a suitable time.

Preparation for the sweeping appointment: Appliances must not be used at all in the 24 hours leading up to an appointment. If the appliance is unable to be swept due to the appliance being too warm then a fee for sweeping the chimney is to be paid in full.

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