Chimney Cowl Installations

Have you ever had a bird fall down your chimney? Do you have water coming into your chimney? Do you suffer from down draughts? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you may benefit from having a chimney cowl or cap fitted. Please give us a call for some free advice. We are based in Ruardean, Gloucestershire and covering Monmouthshire and the Wye Valley.

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Prevent Damaging Leaks

Customers who have rainwater leaking down their chimney frequently could benefit from having a cowl or cap fitted to their chimney pot. Along with downdrafts, rainwater penetration can be caused by a number of factors (overhanging trees, nearby buildings etc.) all of which can be quickly and easily solved with this simple piece of equipment.

Protect Against Downdrafts

There’s nothing more annoying than lighting your fire and settling in for a cosy evening than a sudden downdraft causing the smoke to fill your room rather than blowing out of the chimney. This can be caused by several factors, your chimney needing sweeping, the construction/design of your chimney, a blockage, bird or animal trapped in the flue or weather conditions amongst them. We will come out to your property, inspect your chimney and make a recommendation. If you already have a cowl fitted it may need replacing and we can advise on that as well. Depending on the issue we’ll advise on the best terminal to buy and fit.

Types Of Cap, Cowl And Problem

Birds and animals – If a bird or animal falls down your chimney and gets wedged the results are a blockage which can stop smoke escaping safely (potentially causing carbon monoxide to build up in the room), your fire not drawing properly and almost certainly a horrible smell.
Rainwater – It stands to reason that some rain will inevitably find its way down your chimney. the problems begin if there is a lot and the moisture begins to disturb the structural integrity of your chimney breast.
Downdrafts – A downdraft will be at best an annoyance, causing your fire not to draw and your room to fill with smoke, and at worst can be dangerous with carbon monoxide building up.

Versatile Pricing

The costs of our cowl installation services are reasonable and competitive. Offering flexible pricing, the rate will depend on the nature of your problem and what product is most applicable to your chimney. Once fitted, the cowls we provide will last for years, making them a valuable investment for any property.

What do your cowl look like?

If your cowl looks like this, this is dangerous, and you should therefore call Howats Chimney Sweeps to clean or replace your cowl.

Inspecting Properties

Expert advice is available for tenants and landlords. In the event that you are interested in selling a property, we can provide a certificate that demonstrates your chimney meets the necessary standards. When you have just bought a property, we will rigorously inspect any chimneys to ensure they are safe and functional and ready for use.

Contact us today, in Ruardean, Gloucestershire, to arrange the services of our flue cleaning company.

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